BJJ Focus MP3s with Robert Drysdale

In this video Elliot Roe visit’s Robert Drysdale’s gym and demonstrates his techniques for improving mindset and performance
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For Jiu Jitsu practitioners who want peak performance both in class and during competitions.

Are You Unhappy With Your Ability To Improve In Class, Or Your Performance During Competitions?

Learn the Mindset Techniques That Robert Drysdale Uses to Improve Results.

Do you train hard and attend every class, but feel like you aren’t improving fast enough? Have you ever felt anxious before a big tournament or training session? Do you sometimes worry that the one thing holding you back from success is yourself?

My name is Elliot Roe. I am a hypnotherapist and the personal mindset coach of Robert Drysdale, and many other BJJ practitioners and MMA fighters. I help athletes achieve their peak performance by eliminating any mental barriers that are holding them back.

Being a successful BJJ player is as much about being mentally strong as it about being physically powerful or technically masterful. Jiu Jitsu is a physical chess match, where you must always remain at least one move ahead of your opponent. With one small mental slip you can find yourself quickly tapping.

We all know someone who is a force of nature while sparring, but falls apart at the pressure of competitions. There are even more guys who have the physical gifts to be great, but just can’t find a way to learn the techniques they need fast enough.

Even if BJJ is only a hobby, you still want to constantly be seeing improvements. It’s no fun to be the guy nobody wants to roll with because he’s just too easy to tap.

It’s Sad to See Talent Go to Waste. Don’t Let That Be You.

After Robert experienced the benefits of my coaching we decided to work together to create a program that he could share with his students. We took his championship experience, and my ability to get athletes into states of peak performance, and created a program that anyone could use before class or a tournament to improve their mindset. The result of that partnership is these two MP3 audio programs. One is designed to be used pre-training and the other is to be used just before a competition.

Here are some of the benefits users of these MP3 have reported :

Pre-Training Warm Up

  • Increases Motivation to train hard
  • Improves ability to learn new techniques
  • Get in “The Zone” for sparring sessions

Pre-Fight Warm Up

  • Reduces pre-competition anxiety
  • Improves confidence in your ability to win
  • Allows yourself to “leave it all on the mat”
  • Prevents “choking” when the finish is in sight

You Already Have People Teaching You Great Technique, But Who Is Helping You Become Mentally Strong?

The mental side of BJJ is the hardest to master, because there are very few experts available to help coach this aspect. Luckily, you no longer need to go it alone!

Imagine you walk up to your gym every day and Robert Drysdale is there pumping you up for the training to come. Then when it’s tournament time he’s there showing you how to handle anything your opponent can throw at you on the mat. How much more prepared would you be?

Not everyone has the opportunity or means to work with the best teachers in the game on a day to day basis, but with these MP3s you are getting the wisdom of a black belt World Champion, and his personal mindset coach in your ear before each training session or competition.

Each MP3 only costs $25 when you buy today.

When you choose The Complete Package option you will get both MP3s for only $40 (save 20%). As a special bonus you will also receive the “Sleep Hypnosis MP3″ ($25 value).

If you are ready to take the next step to becoming a champion level BJJ practitioner, and want to smash down any mental barriers holding you back, then this is your chance.

Click the “Buy Now” button of the MP3 you wish to purchase and you will be able to download them immediately.

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